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These terms and conditions set out the rules of use of this website and any associated services provided by MODEICA. The use of this website means you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions. 


MODEICA have taken care to ensure that the information provided by them is correct. However some information may be supplied to MODEICA by third parties and therefore are unable to full confirm whether it is correct or not and therefore MODEICA advise you to check the accuracy of any information in this web page before relying on it for any reason.



MODEICA invite you to send in your own visual imagery and join in chats online or by email, twitter or any other modes of communications. By contributing you are granting Modeica a worldwide free from royalty licence in perpetuity to store your contributions on their server's web page and to display the contributions on MODEICA web pages or electronic communications. However MODEICA reserve the right to omit and edit any contributions and confirm that they will not necessarily uses all images or correspondence supplied to them by contributors.

MODEICA also confirm that they will not use contributions that are, racist, abusive, illegal, offensive, misleading, defamatory or obscene and as MODEICA’s editors deem so. 



MODEICA’s webpage has links to other web pages and services. MODEICA accept no liability for the content of third party web pages and users and contributors to MODEICA must confirm the terms and conditions or suitability of other web pages and links and services.

MODEICA will also give information about third party products and or services. By using MODEICA’s links to these third party's the user acknowledges that they are independent from MODEICA and MODEICA accepts no responsibility or liability for their suitability or fitness for purpose.



MODEICA and Digital Virtue uses reasonable endeavours to ensure that their web pages do not contain or spread viruses or other damaging codes. However, by using this web page and MODEICA’s service the user confirms they have suitable anti-virus software and the user should virus-check all materials downloaded from the MODEICA’s webpage and regularly check for the presence of viruses and other damaging code. MODEICA will not be liable for any damage or loss caused by viruses or other damaging codes originating or contracted from their contents or any other sources.



By using MODEICA's web pages you agree to indemnify MODEICA against any damage, liability or costs incurred by MODEICA resulting from the user’s breach of these terms and conditions or any claims against MODEICA as a result of the use of the services provided by them. In addition MODEICA will not have any liability to any user for costs, damages or any other liabilities however caused .

These Terms are governed by English law with regards to any disputes arising from the use of MODEICA's web page. MODEICA and their web page designers have measures to ensure that any data entered is protected. However MODEICA  cannot guarantee the protection of information gathered and cannot be held responsible for breach of security.



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MODEICA and it's logo are a trademark assigned to MODEICA and may not be used without MODEICA's consent.


Dated 20th April 2013