MODEICA is proud to announce that we have recently been one out of ten businesses in the UK to be shortlisted for the Barclays New Business Idea Award.

Welcome to MODEICA, a new fashion platform to share and to be inspired by moving image. 


In November 2012 editor and founder of MODEICA, Jessica Jenner, began to explore different ways to present street style and on-trend fashion that would be an alternative to the regular still image. By April 2013 MODEICA had been created as a place to display innovative forms of moving image and film led by up to date fashion trends. 


MODEICA is also a place for users to document and upload their own moving street style looks to inspire others in a more personal and detailed way. Our aim is to continue exploring contemporary moving mediums for a constant unique space for our users to share and inspire in all things fashion. 



We regularly collaborate with emerging creatives on our features and extra pages. If you are interested in working with MODEICA please submit your message on the Contact Us page.